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repair services for Nintendo 3DS, 3DS LLWe now do repair services for Nintendo 3DS, 3DS LL, and other game systems!

We can repair your portable game systems with virtually no wait times

Intense play on Nintendo 3DS and other game systems can cause the buttons and so on to have problems. This is a common issue.

Just being unable to use one button can be pretty irritating!

Especially recently, in many games you don't play alone, but compete against other players, such as in online games. Typically, the long repair times when sending your system back to the manufacturer can be fatal. When sending to the manufacturer for repairs, even if it is just fixing a single button, it often takes several weeks, and this seems to cause stress for many users.

Smile Factory is taking action for those who may suffer from this scenario!

We are now doing quick repairs (as fast as possible) for Nintendo 3DS and other portable game systems in response to customers who want their systems fixed right away.

Nintendo 3DS Repair

Nintendo 3DS RepairThe Nintendo 3DS, which is immensely popular with kids, is designed to be hard to break even when taking a beating. However, it's inevitable that some parts may not work after long periods of use.

We often do repairs for LR buttons, analog sticks and charger ports.

Still, breaks in the circuits are caused by the deterioration of the button rubber and incessant switching.

The 3DS D-pad has remarkable performance compared to that of the NES D-pad, but even still, it has limited life. However, as long as you have the parts replaced, you can still enjoy playing games with it!

There are cases when we order parts that are not frequently replaced in our repairs, so please inquire with us in advance.

Nintendo 3DS, 3DS LL Repair Costs

Nintendo 3DS, 3DS LL Repair Costs

*Costs for all parts included in repair costs

Issue 3DS 3DSLL
Slide pad has issues responding
Slide pad unit replacement
¥4,800 ¥4,800
Slide pad has broken
Slide pad stick replacement
¥3,800 ¥3,800
L(R) buttons have issues responding
L(R) button rubber replacement
¥3,800/per place
(set replacement ¥5,800)
¥3,800/per place
(set replacement ¥5,800)
D-pad/action buttons (ABXY) have issues responding
Button rubber replacement
¥3,800 ¥3,800
Adapter circuit breakage/doesn't charge
Charger connector replacement
¥3,800 ¥3,800
Touch panel has issues responding
Touch panel replacement
¥5,000 ¥5,500
Lower LCD does not display
LCD unit replacement
¥6400 ¥8,000