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Naha Shintoshin Shop 098-988-7223
Hours: 11:00AM - 20:00PM Open every day of the year
MEGA Don Quijote Ginowan Shop 098-917-4210
Hours: 11:00AM - 21:00PM Open every day of the year
MEGA Don Quijote Uruma Shop 098-988-7222
Hours: 11:00AM - 21:00PM Open every day of the year

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions from our customers.

Please explain your system for handling repair orders.
If you bring your iPhone directly to the shop, we can fix it on the spot, usually returning it to you within 20 minutes to an hour. Many of our customers go shopping or spend time at a cafe while they wait.
Why are your prices so cheap?
We do repairs only on the parts of the iPhone that need fixing. Since we leave the functioning parts as they are and only fix what's necessary, we make it possible to repair your iPhone at a reasonable price.
Won't my data be erased?
When performing repairs with the precision instruments we use — though we can't say 100% for sure — our customers' data has stayed intact over 99% of the time.
Do you use genuine parts in your repairs?
We are not affiliated with Apple, so we do not use genuine parts, but we use parts that are of the same quality.
Is there a warranty after receiving repairs?
There is a 1-month warranty for newly replaced parts. If there are any issues, we will look at it and fix it for free (warranty is exempt if the issue was caused by the device being damaged). Please inquire for more details.
Can I use the insurance I have with my carrier or the manufacturer?
We can't accept insurance, but we only fix what is broken, so our prices are reasonable and our service is fast — your data will also be safe.
Can you do repairs for a problem I'm having that's not listed on your site?
Depending on the case, there are issues that have various causes. The repair cost list only shows our most common repair services, so please come in or call to consult with us.
Can I send my iPhone by mail for repairs?
Of course! Please contact us by phone first and then send us your iPhone. Please wrap it in protective shipping material such as bubble wrap when sending.